to the Yusen System Knowledge Base!


New in November 2010, the Business Process Management team is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Yusen System Knowledge Base (SKB) resource for our employees at Yusen Logistics. This web site provides "one-stop shopping" for all User Guide, demonstration videos, and other reference documents created to support the various Yusen Logistics systems used within the company.

The IS group is constantly improving our current systems and adding new applications, so keeping up with all the changes and additions can be a daunting task.  This web site provides links to all the documentation for those systems, allowing you to learn at your convenience and find the answers you need quickly and easily.


How to Use the Yusen System Knowledge Base


The Table of Contents is located on the left side of your screen.  Topics are organized by System or Application.  Click on a page to open it and see the available options.  Click on the option you want to see and the information displays in this panel or opens in a new window.

The Index provides an alphabetical list of topics.

If you need to print a topic, use the Print button located above the Table of Contents.  The page you are currently viewing will print to the printer you select.






The Search button is located above the Table of Contents.  

Search for a Topic


Online Help guides provide dynamic learning solutions.

Online Help


Videos provide visual and auditory learning experiences.You can stop, start, rewind, and pause videos.Since videos include audio, don't forget to wear headphones!

Demonstration Videos

One of the most helpful features of the System Knowledge Base is ability to search the web site for specific information.  You can search for keywords and topics by using the Search button.

All available documentation for the keyword or topic entered displays in the Table of Contents panel.  Simply click on the topic you want to view and the information displays in this panel or opens in a new window.


An exciting addition to our end-user documentation is the creation of online help guides.  These guides are built in the same way as this web site and include text, images, and demonstration videos to help you better understand how to use various applications and systems.

The online help guides provide glossaries and indexes, when applicable, to further enhance the learning experience.


Demonstration videos are part of the System Knowledge Base repository of information.  These videos typically include audio and will begin as soon as they are opened. so you will want to make sure your volume settings are set to allow you to hear the audio before you start the program.

If you sit in an open floor plan area, you may want to use headphones when listening to a video in consideration of your co-workers sitting nearby.






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